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Stand-To-Urimate Packer Holder

This thin, elastic band fits comfortably and snuggly around your waist and helps to secure your penis packer in the proper location against your crotch.

Its thin size makes it easy to hide under clothes and its placement around the shaft provides a natural feeling and looking bulge in your pants.
Product above is pictured  with a Stand-To-Urimate Packer, which must be purchased separately.
XXL waist size (in. or cm.)
Stand-To-Urimate Packer Holder Sizes:
Small- waist sizes under 28-32 in/ 71.12-81.28 cm
Medium- waist sizes 33-37 in/83.82-93.98 cm
Large- waist sizes 38-41 in/96.52-104.14 cm
XL-waist sizes over 42-46 in/106.68-116.84 cm
XXL-please enter your waist size in inches or centimeters
$4.99USD + S/H
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If you want discreet billing, you can call in your order to: 612-709-3006 from 10am-6pm CST Monday through Friday.  Leaving voicemails are ok-this is a private line.
Mr. Limpy Packers

A very flexible, cyberskin penis packer that is realistic in look and feel. Comfortable to wear and creates a bulge in your pants.     $13-$19USD + S/H
Mr. Limpy Packers come in 4 Sizes:
Small-3.5in/ 8.89cm
Medium-5in/ 12.7cm
Large-6.5in/ 16.51cm
XL-8.5in/ 21.59cm

2 Colors: Vanilla and Caramel
Stand-To-Urimate Dick Dust
Packer Rejuvenation Powder

Stand-To-Urimate Dick Dust Packer Rejuvenation Powder is used to return a penis/packer to its soft, natural feel and to neutralize body odor. This product is non-toxic and can be used on skin.

Ingredients: Modified maize flour and sodium bicarbonate

Size: Net WT 4oz/ 114g/ 118ml
1 for $7.50USD + S/H3 for $20USD + S/H